Web designer Jussi Korhonen

Does your business website, visual guideline or logo need help?
These are things I’m really good at.

Well hello!

I help brands figure things out online.

Have you heard of the humble, silence–loving people sitting naked in hot rooms, spanking each other with bundles of birch branch and taking things way too literally?

Yep, that’s us Finns. Ask us how we’re doing, and we will actually tell you. You have been warned.

All Out Agency is my one man digital design agency. In large projects I might team up with experienced web developers, but most of the time I’m the whole package. I manage projects, keep everyone on the same page, and produce all creative work. Earlier, I was hands-on responsible for bringing the design work of my co-owned digital agency Sivututka to a point where we were seen as a top agency in Finland.

All Out Agency collective of digital design and development professionals.

Good stuff, delivered on time and on budget is my jam.

All Out Agency hometown Oulu during wintertime.

As a designer my job is to ask questions, think and come up with solutions for you. What I do also involves spending hours deciding between round and pointy button cornering, creative problem solving, branding and copywriting. I also know my way around web development, and the technical aspects of WordPress. The end results of my work are usually websites and brand visuals, like a logo, fonts and a color pallette.

You know, the truth is I’m almost never fully satisfied with my work. And I think that’s great, because you want to work with people who see the world in terms of constant opportunities to improve and grow even more.

This is how I’ve been doing things for a long time now. I’m always hungry to learn more. By pushing myself constantly, every project I begin is the best one I’ve ever done. This means not just the prettiest pixels, but in terms of problems solved.

Designer bothering developer while she tries to do her job.

Sometimes I bother developers when they try to do their jobs.

Break time at All Out Agency cellar sofa.

I'm perfectly normal, I swear

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