What & How

I design and build websites and brands.
The Finnish way, since 2016.

I ask you questions, then listen carefully and think a lot.

Next, I use fancy machines and clever software to create websites and brand visuals that remedy your problems and facilitate progress.

This is what I do...

More than a web shop



Alleviating business problems and solving challenges is in the core of any useful creative work.

  • Copywriting and messaging
  • Conversion optimization
  • Competitor analysis


I help you thrive, get understood and heard with great looking, bespoke websites that are easy understand and use.

  • Websites & Ecommerce
  • UI/UX design
  • Identity & branding
  • Logos


Understanding the performance, build time and SEO impact of design is key to delivering high-value work.

  • WordPress & Webflow website development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Accessibility
  • Integrations & APIs
  • User training
  • Website Maintenance

...and this is how I like to work.

Secret sauce you get with every project.

No compromise

Go all out

What’s the point of getting up in the morning, if not to do your best and aim for the stars? I take pride in delivering exceptional work, where the details aren’t forgotten.


Curtains open

Working with me means opening up transparent discussions through the whole project, with zero conflicting interests. This is how projects finish on schedule, with style points to spare.

I know. This joke was dead on arrival. Sorry.

...and I’m All Out of bubble gum.


We’re in this together

I was never a fan of SM (Slave and Master) -projects. My best work comes from an even standing between client and creative. This means I’m not afraid to say what I think, especially if I think we’re drifting off course.


Nose for problem-solving

Problem solving is in the core of any useful creative work. I want to hear about your business challenges, so I can come up how design can help you move forward.


Sprinkles on top

My standards are high, and I strive to create valuable ideas that bring you something extra. Something non-copypaste, which you can proudly call your own.

"I'm happy with the visual outcome of our project"

9.3 / 10 (2022 client feedback average)


Technical gusto

When it comes to the age–old question of “should designers code?” my answer is a sound yes. I know how my designs can be built with top marks for performance and SEO. Knowing the technical implications of my work inside out means down to earth development budgets and schedules.


Sometimes I chill

Whoever said “sometimes it’s important to stop and smell the roses” was damn right. To me, living well is integral to producing my best work. I take friday afternoons off to learn more about design, work on my passion projects and smell the roses.

How I work with you

A process, born from a decade of agency experience.

Discovery & quote

First things first: are we a match made in heaven? Let’s find out!

Once we both know it’s meant to be, I’ll send over a fixed price quote for the work. You’ll also get to see my week–level schedule estimate.

Joskus kiusaan kehittäjiä katsomalla niiden työntekoa.
Kuinka luovassa projektissa onnistutaan

Align & initiate

We’ll jump into another call and talk for hours. Your challenges, your customers, what we will be doing and how you picture success in our project are big topics.

Everything runs by my much praised project management style. You’ll always know what’s going on, what to do and when.

Verkkosivujen ja brändien suunnittelutyö meneillään
Oulu in fall time.

Create & deploy

I ideate, solve challenges, create visuals and deliver the results. I often do this in smaller steps so we have more opportunities for open discussion and feedback.

Sometimes success requires extra developer muscle. Working with me means you gain access to tested, highly experienced web developers.

We’re just like Ocean’s Eleven, but with more pixels and less pilfering.

Have a project in mind?