A statement website for a SaaS startup

Euformatics is developing a global SaaS-solution to one of the trickiest questions in healthcare. To further aid their efforts, a representative website that appeals to clients was needed.

  • Web design
  • Ecommerce and custom product builder
  • WordPress and WooCommerce development
  • Attract clients and leads
  • Improve brand image
  • Present Euformatics as a trendsetter in genomics cloud computing
  • Enable direct purchases of SaaS services

The project in a nutshell

Interpreting the result of human DNA reading into a format that’s useful for doctors in this day and age is an undertaking fit for your average super computer. The costs of reading DNA are decreasing around a hundred times faster compared to the costs of computing.

We are approaching a precipice: how can hundreds of millions of raw DNA reading results be analyzed quickly for doctors in ten years, when DNA inspection is a routine operation of health check-ups in welfare states?

This is one of the most profound challenges in healthcare in the 2020s, one that Euformatics is able to provide a solution to.

Euformatics etusivun alkunäkymä tietokoneella
Stylish and respectable landing page visuals. The globe messages global presence without capturing too much space.
Euformatics palvelut tietokoneen ruudulla
Easy to digest service listing.

Reliable, world class leadership positioning.

Euformatics is operating in an industry where the target client is a specialist of medicine. As a relatively unknown new operator on their field, a website supporting growth and proper brand positioning was required – one that sets forth an image of a reliable, trustworthy partner.

As a company specialized in technology, Euformatics also required a look and feel of a global forerunner and trailblazer when it comes to cloud services dealing with genetics.

For a growing company, new clients are essential. Therefore, the third objective was for the website to produce leads. Lots of leads.

Customers and their recommendations.

Kaikki lähtee asiakkaista.

To build the image of a global and reliable company, I decided to show renowned clients immediately on the front page. The first ideas of utilizing Google Maps for this concept were thrown into the bin pretty quickly, as there wouldn’t be space for anything else on the page, not even a readable headline.

In the end, I decided to opt for an interactive 3D-globe that makes it possible to introduce interesting clients without taking over too much space on the screen. At the same time, the image of the company as a technically apt trailblazer expands dramatically.

The whole globe is free for visitors to interact with, and the dots can be further explored by clicking open a window with information.

Euformatics 3d-pallon hyvät puolet.
The land area dimensions on the 2D map and the 3D globe are the same. The space saving is huge.
The globe as part of the front page starting view.

Leads on our mind.

The most important goal for the website is to acquire potential clients for the sales team of Euformatics.

We took this goal into consideration from the beginning of the project until the very end. In the top menu, the button “Book a demo” is always available for the user to click on, which guides the potential client into an effortless way to turn into a lead.

In order to make booking a demo as easy and effortless as possible, the booking is done directly on a calendar view with just a couple of clicks.

Due to the userbase being global, the calendar function considers time zone differences: the user is able to see available time slots according to their own time zone, and won’t need to jump to any mathematical equations just to book an appointment.

Euformatics tapaamisvarauksen toimintonäkymä
The demo booking view.

Tailored product tailoring.

Euformatics offers SaaS-solutions which require pricing to show on the website as an aid to easy purchasing and marketing.

The cloud service is complex, with each part having its own settings that affect the total pricing. The traditional product variations of WooCommerce had to be trashed: according to even the most modest estimation, the total number of variations would have exceeded 2500.

Add-ons were crammed into the bin, and sleeves rolled up.

Product configuration helps users see the whole picture: what they can buy, and for what cost.

During purchase the user should never face a blackout on what to do next. Thus, we built the customization process to be as straightforward as possible.

At the beginning, the user is shown a three-point trail of purchase, comparable to the classic of “you are here”, after which things cut straight to the chase.

The user is asked a series of simple yes/no style questions regarding their needs. As the user picks their preferred options, questions to accommodate for their choices will appear. The effect of the user’s choices on pricing is shown immediately.

Euformatics etusivu tietokoneen näytöllä
Front page.
Euformatics urasivu tietokoneruudun kokoluokassa.
Careers page. Attracting quality hires was a secondary goal for the project.

The best thing about working with All Out Agency is the high quality of the finalized website, both from the perspective of functionality as well as visual design.

Collaboration was straightforward and smooth. We received an excellent website to support the growth of Euformatics.

It’s been fun to witness how our new site has produced leads. I sent an offer to the Middle East on Friday on a case which is so far our biggest direct overseas SaaS-deal. Several other leads have also developed quite far with the clients coming through straight from our website, which hardly ever happened last year.

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Tommi Kaasalainen

CEO, Euformatics

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