Disruption with style

Helping set up a new brand online, and attract clients for a new disruptive service.

  • Website design
  • Messaging
  • WordPress development
  • More leads for the sales team
  • Explaining the new, disruptive concept
  • Improving brand image
  • More reliable, faster and SEO-optimized website
Project team
  • Design: All Out Agency
  • WordPress -development: Arcode

Project overview

Freesi is a Finnish start-up that offers services and tools for managing and optimizing indoor air.

Freesi contacted us with the idea of ​​introducing a brand-new business look to the digital world. In addition, the new website should better serve the next phase of growth with fresh leads and a high uptime.

Our main mission was to explain the world in plain words why every building manager should be a Freesi customer.

Freesi etusivun alkunäkymä tietokoneella
Front page hero view, with key message and a visualized concept of constant data streaming to administrator devices.
Freesi call to action -osio  tietokoneella
Call to action section at the end of most pages guides users forward.

Well thought is halfway there

The aims of this website reform on strengthening the brand image and growing interest meant that the overall design work needed to deliver.

After a couple of drafts, the visual core of the website took shape based on Freesi’s new brand guidelines. The visual style with bespoke animations set themselves apart from cookie cutter competition and help build an image of progress and uniqueness.

However, a stylish look on its own wasn’t not enough. We designed the contents and structure of the website to unfold logically, all to make the user experience simple and effortless. The user is gently guided towards their decision during the journey through the website.

Freesi koko etusivu tietokoneella
Freesicloud tietokoneella

Putting a stop to guesswork with open pricing.

Freesi is a unique consulting company also on the front of their open pricing policy.

I designed a calculator on their website so that anyone could measure both the initial and yearly fees of the service with their particular definitions. As a bonus, the calculator estimates any possible savings.

The calculator comes in handy for the Freesi sales team.

Freesi hinnoittelu-laskuri tietokoneella
Open pricing makes the advantages of Freesi clear to the user. With costs and savings explicitly demonstrated, the final decision is easy to make.

Content management under control with WordPress.

Freesi publishes a variety of content ranging from news to blog posts and references to information on staff. When done right, WordPress shines with managing exactly this kind of content spread.

Contents and their categorization are conveniently modified through the control panel of the website. New landing pages can be built from standard and custom designed content blocks with the help of the native Block Editor.

Antti Rauhala from Arcode succeeded in the technical execution, also in terms of optimizing loading speed. Google’s PageSpeed insights granted several tested pages a near perfect score of 99/100.

The potential of the Freesi service was made concrete through simple numbers and world statistics. There’s a lot to improve on the front of building indoor air management.

The best part was a clear process, which was followed all the way through. You caught on to our requests and ideas during the design phase, and everything felt effortless for us. All in all, a very good experience. Thank you for an extremely well managed project!

Emma Rantanen, Freesi

Emma Rantanen


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